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We provide a 7 day home delivery service, as well as dine in and takeaway options. 

Sweet Chilli Pesto Bread
Start right

Breads & Starters

Garlic Pizza Bread V

S9.90 M 10.90 L 13.90

Herb Pizza Bread V

9.90 M 10.90 L 13.90

Sweet chilli and pesto pizza bread V

9.90 M 10.90 L 13.90

Pesto and parmesan pizza bread V

9.90 M 10.90 L 13.90

Kalamata olives and cheese V

9.90 M 10.90 L 13.90

Sweet chilli and fetta cheese V

9.90 M 10.90 L 13.90

Garlic Bread V


Herb Bread V


Royal Treat

Anything Chicken

Small 17.90 Medium 22.90 Large 26.90

Cajun Chicken

Tomato base with spinach, mushrooms, roasted potato, cajun spiced chicken, mozzarella, and chilli aioli

Chicken Avocado

Tender diced chicken breast, tomatoes, shallots, avocado, mozzarella, and a pesto aiolo swirl

BBQ Chicken 

BBQ base, ham, chicken, bacon, and mozzarella

Chicken Delight

Tender diced chicken breast, roast pumpkin, spinach, fetta, and mozzarella

Chicken Chorizo  

Tender diced chicken breast, chorizo sausage, roased pumpkin, and mozzarella

Chicken Mornay

Creamy base, diced chicken breast, onions, capsicum, bacon, mozarella, and garlic
Cajun Chicken Pizza
Moroccan Lamb Pizza
Great choice

For The Meat Lovers

Small 17.90 Medium 22.90 Large 26.90


Ham, mushrooms, pepperoni, onions, capsicum, olives, pineapple, bacon, and mozzarella

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork, spiced sweet potato, cinnamon apple bacon, mozzarella, fetta cheese, and a chilli aioli swirl  

Cajun Beef

Cajun spiced beef, herb roasted potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, mozzarella, and a chilli aiolo swirl  

Moroccan Lamb

Marinated lamb with spinach, spanish onions, potatoes, mozzarella, and a yoghurt swirl


BBQ base, ham, pepperoni, beef, bacon, mozzarella, and topped with more BBQ sauce

Pulled Beef

Pulled beef, spiced sweet potato, cinnamon apple bacon, mozzarella, fetta cheese, and a chilli aioli swirl  

Kings Special  

Ham, mushrooms pepperoni, onions, capsicum, olives, pineapple, anchovies, and mozzarella  

Queen Special  

Ham, mushrooms, pepperoni, onion, capsicum, pineapple, and mozzarella   


Chorizo, spanish onions, roasted capsicum, jalapenos, chilli, avocado, and mozzarella 
Royal Ocean

Seafood Lovers 

Small 18.90 Medium 23.90 Large 29.90

Ocean Trout

Roasted sweet potato, avocado, wild ocean trout, mozzarella, bacon, and a hollandaise swirl  

Pesto Prawns

Tomato base with prawns, spanish onions, shallots, bacon, mozzarella, and a pesto aioli swirl  

Beef & Reef

Cajun spiced beef, prawns, spanish onions, capsicum, bacon, and mozzarella  

King Arthur (Seafood)

Cream brandy base, prawns, calamari, crab meat, bacon, onions, capsicum, mozzarella, and garlic

Gourmet Seafood  

Cream brandy base, spanish onions, shallots, prawns, ocean trout, calamari, and mozzarella

La Piazza 

Ham, onions, pineapple, prawns, olives, and mozzarella  

Prawn Supreme  

Ham, prawns, onion, capsicum, pineapple, mushrooms, bacon, and mozzarella 
Ocean Trout Pizza
Americana Pizza
The Classics

Traditional Flavours

Small 16.90 Medium 20.90 Large 24.90


Ham, pineapple, and mozzarella cheese - classic ingedients!  


Ham, mushrooms, olives, anchovies, mozzarella, and oregano - very Italian!


Pepperoni, mushooms, jalapenos, and mozzarella  


Ham, bacon, mozzarella, scrambled egg, herbs, and a hollandaise swirl  


Pepperoni, kalamata olives, and mozzarella  


Ham, onions, capsicum, pepperoni, chilli flakes, mozzarella, and tabasco. Not for the faint hearted!
Royal Delights

Deliciously Vegetarian 

Small 16.90 Medium 21.90 Large 25.90

Vegetarian Delight V

Spinach, crispy broccoli, onions, roasted pumpkin, fetta, mozzarella, and a pesto aioli swirl  

Roasted Vegetarian V

Spinach, roasted capsicum, pumpkin, fetta cheese, mozzarella, and a pesto aioli swirl  

Vegetarian V

Mushrooms, capsicum, onions, pineapple, olives, oregano, and mozzarella  

Small 15.90 Medium 20.90 Large 23.90

Three Cheeses

Mozzarella, fetta cheese, parmesan, and oregano 

Small 14.90 Medium 18.90 Large 22.90

Kids Pizza


Traditional Lasagne

Beef lasagne topped with diced bacon, parmesan, and napoli sauce   


Lasagne Al Funghi

Beef lasagne topped with diced bacon, mushrooms, and a cream brandy sauce


Mini Delights

Kids Pizzas 

All Small 8.90

Cheesy Margherita  

Traditional tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil 

Ham and Pineapple 

Tomato sauce, ham, mozzarella cheese, and pineapple

Ham and Cheese  

Tomato sauce, ham and cheese

Bacon and Cheese New! 

Tomato sauce, bacon, and mozzarella cheese

BBQ Chicken and Cheese New!

Tomato sauce, BBQ Chicken, and mozzarella cheese
Kids Pizza
Greek Salad
Vibrant & Fresh


Rocket and Pumpkin Salad V

Wild rocket, spinach, roasted pumpkin, roasted peppers, fetta cheese, and chilli  


Crispy Broccoli Salad V

Broccoli with spinach, rocket, spanish onions, shallots, walnuts, and sultanas   


Greek Salad V

Wild rocket, spinach, fresh tomatoes, carrot, fetta cheese, spanish onions, kalamatta olives, cucumber, lemon and olive oil dressing  


Add oven roasted extras to any salad:

Diced chicken breast 4.50
Prawns and calamari 5.50
Moroccan Lamb 5.00
Cajun diced beef steak 5.00
Ocean trout 5.00 
Mini Delights


Gelati 450ml tub

Chocolate gelati
Lemon gelati


Peanut Butter Calzone

With peanut butter, strawberries, and cinnamon sugar  


Chocolate Pudding

One for the chocolate lovers - a chocolate pudding with a self saucing chocolate  


Sticky Date Pudding

A traditional style pudding, full of dates with a self saucing butterscotch 


Apple Walnut Dessert Pizza NEW!

Pizza base with white chocolate, cinnamon, apple, walnuts, and chocolate topping


Cinnamon Banana Dessert Pizza NEW!

White chocolate pieces, sliced banana, cinnamon, and chocolate topping


Strawberry Calzone NEW!

With nutella, strawberries, and cinnamon sugar


Kids Pizza